sunnuntai 15. tammikuuta 2012

Blinei, irtokarkei ja näkkileippä

Entisess kotikaupunkiss viarailull, siäll misä olla "niingon gotonas".
Kaunist, mut niimpal kauhia kylm tuul


Eila Minkkine  kertos taitte tekemisest ja häne tyähuanes ol kuvaukselline ja idylline.
See o vanhas Raumas, kuis muute.
Ja erityise hianoi ova häne messink ja kupar teokse.
Kiitos Eilal viäl, ko saatti poikett:)

Lönnströmill ol pirkamaalaiste kuvaveistäjie teoksi.
Kalkamo piäne miähe oliva mahrottomie urakoitte eres, täsä näkkileipplattia raivamass.
Heli Ryhäse kankkaisse veistokse ova joka kert yht koskettavi.
Heli Vihriälä  Kaste -teos ol niinko sadust.
Ja arvaa mitä - ne viherkäise ova irokarkei!
Hiano näyttely kerrassas!

Blineist tul melkke täyrellissi, kyl tul hyvä miäl! 
Flikk o liittyny  poja ja mu  "Canoni kerho" ja mee harjoteltti muatokuvaust iha leikimpäite....


I visited my old home town by the sea. It was as  beautiful as always but windy and freezing cold..
I visited artist Eila Minkkinen´s lovely studio.
She kindly told us about her art and living in the old Rauma. I love her metal sculptures.

 In the Lönnström art museum there are on display some wonderful sculptures and installations. 

January is in my family the time for blinis:
A small pancake, of Russian origin, made from buckwheat flour; traditionally served with melted butter, sour cream and caviar or smoked salmon

The dancing daughter is now also a "canon photographer" ,as well as her brother and I.
We did some fun portrait exercises..

5 kommenttia:

  1. hi leena, delighted to meet you.
    i have just had a peek here, and am glad there's a bit in english...
    funny to read up on sour cream here, because i got myself a tub yesterday, 'just in case', and now i know exactly where i'm gonna put my cream: on blinis! yumm...
    now i will wander some more, on your cyberspace

  2. Dear Woolf, I am happy to meet you, too:) It is nice you`ve found my place, I`ll be visiting your blog as well! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Thank you, once again Leena, for sharing with me the joys of city life. I'm very curious about that little worker, looks like he's shoveling 'knäckebröd'. And - those little pancakes looks wonderful. Would you share the secret of making them?
    Wishing you a lovely week,
    Lilli :)

  4. Dear Lilli,good to "hear" from you:D
    It really is "knäckebröd" ( =näkkileipä) = hard rye bread that little man is shoveling - mission impossible? ;)

    A little portion of blinis served with sour cream, caviar / roe or smoked salmon, chopped onion and pickles is a nice first course for a winter dinner,
    blinis for four :
    2dl (1 cup) of milk, 2dl(1cup) buckwheat flour, 1 teaspoonful of salt, 10-20g yeast and a pinch of sugar.
    Mix warm milk and yeast,buckwheat flour, sugar and salt. Leave it in room temperature for at least 2 hrs.
    After that add 2 egg yolks, 2dl( 1 cup) soda water, 2(-3) well whipped egg whites and 1 (1 cup) wheat flour.
    Fry in a hot pancake pan with butter:)
    Bon appetit!

  5. I do love Finnish! "Näkkileipä", not in a million years would I have guessed the meaning of that word (even if I always read the Finnish text on my shampoo bottles :)
    Thank you for sharing the recipe for blinis, we will definitely try those soon. I will let you know how they turned out!
    Lilli :)