perjantai 26. helmikuuta 2016

Phases of Water and Me


SNOW&ice LUMI&jää

The theme of this week end´s DC ( drawing challenge ) is a tricky and yet fascinating one for me: 


Somehow I begun to think about water and its different forms. During the seasons of the year I am able to see and feel them all. I love to see the whiteness of snow in different shades as well as the grey, blue, green and even pink color the sea gets during the short but bright and wonderful summer. 
I am also thinking of the vital importance of clean water and the sea and ocean areas. See this:( and this:)

Well, after a while I found myself playing with the metamorphosis of me myself:) There are some photos and self portraits, which show that I feel I am in the process of metamorphosis all the time!
(Another Transformation:  Frida )

My DC is - once again - without any drawings nor is my interpret quite according to the title..

Lovely Ariane  is our host this week; see her beautiful blog Rose for more of the theme and participants. The 'drawings' are shown on the blogs of the participants
and the host links to them all

perjantai 19. helmikuuta 2016

Creepy Cocoon

Cocoon with a white bed sheet and a mask from Venice

Presence 2015 ink and acrylics on paper LV

Oh dear, this is my creepiest post ever.. sorry about that.
Anyway,  Cocoon is a charming theme for this week´s DC ( drawing challenge) and so is our host Patrice with her blog! See Patrice A. for all the participants and their interpretations of the theme.

ps. Cocoon is a fascinating word.. the Finnish word for cocoon is kotelo, which means cocoon of a butterfly but  also  f.ex. eyeglass case:)
This is a charming one; it belonged to my grandma some 50 years ago.