torstai 31. toukokuuta 2012

sunnuntai 27. toukokuuta 2012

Valoa puutarhassa


 Garden views

Ei hassumpaa/ Not too bad

-Uskallatkos lähestyä rantaamme, haukkui vahtikoira.
-Uskallatkos haukkua pesämme lähettyvillä sähisi isäjoutsen. Molemmat pörhistelivät.
Lohi loimusi ja Leena-kahvipannun kylki kiilsi auringossa. Ei hassumpi viikonloppu.
 Leena-kahvipannu on raumalaista designia:)

Raumanmeri 26.-27.5.
The other son with a dog was visiting Rauma on a sunny and warm week end.
-Don´t you dare to come closer barked the dog
-Don´t you dare to bark near our nest, hissed the daddy swan.
Salmon on the open fire; not too bad:)
Ps. The old desingn coffee pot is called a Leena-pot :)

sunnuntai 20. toukokuuta 2012

Erilaissi tipui ja pali viherkäist

Raumanmeri 18.-20.5.

Matkall näkys kummitusjuna.
Merell nähti mont lintulaji, erimiälissi oltti yhdest: mää sanosi et see on haapana ja miäs väit sen oleva haahkanaaras. See ol nii kaukan etei voi ol varma olik see vaik koskelo:
nyy ostama kunno kiikar ainaki.
Lok ei pelk ja see oliki ainuv lint mist sai kelvollise kuva napattu.
Ihmetteltti kaikki viherkäise sävyi ja ehtoaurinkos pitkäks venynei varjoi.
On the way to Rauma sea we saw an empty train. It looked a bit spooky.
We watched birds and all the green shades around. 

lauantai 19. toukokuuta 2012

Wings of a Fairy

The illustrations above are from a fairytale called PESSI and ILLUSIA. 

It  is my favorite fairytale;

because of its humanity - 

there is some good, some evil and something in between...

there is joy, fear, humour and beauty and mystery and truth..

And I LOVE the fascinating, delicate illustrations by Aleksandr Lindeberg.


ps. Some years ago the dancing daughter performed the role of the spider in a Pessi & Illusia ballet  at the Conservatoire of Dance in Tampere.

 She said it was an intriguing thing to do, far more exciting than other roles..


There has been several versions of Pessi and Illusia done in ballet , see how the charming little dance theater Glims&Gloms did it: 

Pessi and Illusia by the dance theater Glims and Gloms


the dancing daughter as a spider, 2009, Tampere Conservatoire of dance

is the theme of this week´s drawing challenge
see Tatjana´s beautiful blog Kleiner Salon for all the participants of the week


  from the fairytale land I picked with me the fallen wings of a fairy

and those I have been drawing -

wishing at the same time that my "wings" will hang on and help me to make my dream come true

Wings of a Fairy, charcoal and brown pastels on paper, photographed in my garden


More about the book Pessi and Illusia by Yrjö Kokko ( in case you are interested )

 ..A book by Finnish officer Yrjo Kokko written during World War II, this enchanting fantasy tale is about Illusia, a little fairy like Tinker Bell, who comes down to earth from the rainbow where she lives with her family, and meets Pessi, a gnome living in the forest. The time is World War II and when they first meet, the soldiers in the area are anticipating an attack along their front line - but as the story evolves, Pessi and Illusia's only real enemy seems to be the nasty Spiderman  and White Death  - nothing a good fairy and gnome cannot ultimately overcome...

..Yrjö Kokko (1903-1977) published his much-applauded book, Pessi ja Illusia in 1954. He first wrote it as a short fairytale during the Continuation War, to be included in a Christmas bulletin as a gift for his children. As the war continued, he enlarged it into a longer work, which is the book for which Kokko is most remembered today.
Kokko is referred to as the saviour of fairies and swans. This is because his other notable achievement was his work to save the Finnish national bird, laulujoutsen, the whooper swan (Cygnus cygnus) from extinction.
The fairy , Illusia, and the troll  Pessi lived among the plants and animals in the forest, while the war raged on around them. Pessi´s father, the Great Pessimist, believed that people are too blindly trusting of the future. Illusia´s father, the Grand Illusionist, on the other hand, wove a web of hopes and dreams from people´s imaginations. Without that web of hope, no one would dare to live a single day on this earth.
From the love of Pessi and Illusia was born a new human, who was neither a troll nor a fairy. Perhaps Kokko was hoping that a new humanity would emerge after the war.
In life, both cruelty and beauty are truths, muses Illusia. So why, from these two truths, do we always have to choose the ugly truths? Why not choose the beautiful ones?
That´s something that the news media would also be well-advised to ponder."

torstai 17. toukokuuta 2012



..eli Näsilinna pitää saada kuntoon.
Upeassa barokkilinnassa on vaiheikas historia ja
se on ainutlaatuinen, upea rakennus  ja  kaunis rapistuneenakin. 
Siellä on juuri nyt hieno näyttely; taiteilijoiden näkemys Milavidasta. 
Lisää Milavidasta täällä - siellä voit myös allekirjoittaa adressin Milavidan pikaisen kunnostamisen puolesta - ja näyttelystä täällä


Milavida is an old castle in the city of Tampere.
 It desperately needs renovation.
It is a beutiful, unique building with eventful history.
Right now there takes place a fine art exhibit
See more about the Näsi Park and Milavida=Näsilinna here




Miäs sanos etei mul ol verrokki.
Hän nauro ja sanos et mää ole iha vaa omalaisen; ja hän o oikkias, jälles.
Mu miälestän mää tarvittisi vertaisryhmä: 
tyäryhmä haaveist todeks puurtajill.
Haaveitte toteuttamine o raskas tyä.
 Tukiryhmä lisäks tarvita uussi haavei, poutapilve painossi ja leijuvi, 
niit mää kehittele siin sivuss.
Ja kui mää, tutuss ja turvallisess viihtyvän, pistä elämän uusiks
- mut älä luul, yht en vaihr, se o miäs ja perhe -


To be one of a kind,
making dreams come true - with hard work -
dreaming new dreams
this is my spring.

sunnuntai 13. toukokuuta 2012

Hello and Goodbye






I spent the afternoon enjoying the sunny weather in Pyynikki. The esker of Pyynikki is one of my favorite places in Tampere. On the top of the esker there is a splendid view over Pyhäjärvi.
There is also a marvellous and famous donut cafe.
In an old factory, Pyynikin Trikoo,  in Pyynikki there has been my studio for nearly ten years. 
I am sad to leave the place and friends  but  I am moving my studio back home. 
The kids are grown and moved away and there is plenty of room in our house now.  
Today I painted in Pyynikki studio maybe for the last time.


Ihana iltapäivä Pyynikillä; se on yksi mielipaikoistani Tampereella. Siellä on kuuluisan munkkikahvilan sekä upeiden maisemien ja ulkoilumahdollisuuksien lisäksi ollut jo lähes 10 vuotta työtilani. 
Nyt olen haikeana jättämässä sen - työtilaa on nyt kotonakin kun lapset ovat muutaneet pois.