perjantai 27. tammikuuta 2012

Another Roadside Attraction



Thank you dear Demie for the nice invite!
The theme is
Anothet Roadside Attraction
Demie writes:

" is a drawing challenge 
but you can contribute with a photo or more or some words 
or anything for that matter...
we are very open to new ideas and accept people as they are.
you don`t have to be an artist or a photographer
just a bit creative. that would do.
the theme i have the honour to invite you to, is: 
Another Roadside Attraction
 actually the title of a Tom Robbins book.
the photo above has nothing to do with it.
i just needed one for the post ; )"

This theme is perfect for me cause I do love the beauty in very ordinary things and views. 
On some days of January the northern light is amazing and I am excited about the fairy tale -like views with pure, fluffy snow and the softness and serenity of the landscape.
I am about to finish a new series of paintings about the seasons of the year. 
In the middle there is detail of an acrylic painting called Frost .  

I am busy with  an exhibit and vernissage tomorrow and that is why I did not have time for drawing this time, hope this photo series+ a detail of a painting will do:)

11 kommenttia:

  1. you have certainly captured the serenity of the landscape... yes. Thats a very typical northern roadside attraction...
    the detail of your painting is very very interesting!

    good luck tomorrow : )

    ps. changing the link to your name straight here

  2. Beautiful, Leena.
    You are the master of photographing roads.
    Wishing you a wonderful exhibition, I would have loved to come to the vernissage. Hopefully there will be pictures?

  3. I like the pictures
    and the snow
    I love the way your painting
    fits in so perfectly

    greetings from a Dutch girl
    who has a brother
    who is living in Finland

  4. These photos are beautiful Leena! The land looks very similar to Vancouver Island, here in Canada. I hope your exhibitions goes well for you.

  5. i like your 'frost' detail, it is looking promising for natural roadside attractions, indeed.

  6. Thank you Demie, woolf, Patrice, Carole and Lilli:)
    Ps. the opening went well, relaxed and nice, lots of people, too:)

  7. beautiful and intriguing things i found here at your blog, i like your frost! nice to meet you Leena, x

  8. Hi, Renilde! Nice to meet you, too:)

  9. Hi Leena,

    Beautiful photos you've taken..I love the "snow ocean" on the second one..

    Good Luck tomorrow...:-)

  10. Thank you Hagar;) have a nice Sunday!

  11. Hi Leena, what wonderful pictures, both photos and your painting. They are a bit melancolic, I like it