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Foggy morning @ Raumanmeri

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Oma k u v a...


self p o r t r a i t

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About Japan

I have never visited Japan, I wish I will some day though.
 I know a few random things about Japan, such as  cherry blossoms, the mountain Fuji, Manga and  sushi but I do not know Japan. I feel Japan is pretty much a mystery for me.
However, I do know that the old printing technique, wood cut, has got its origins in Japan ( and China ).
Some Finnish artists like Ellen Thesleff and Helene Shjerfbeck were inspired of Japanese wood cuts (as many other artists all over Europe those days ).

Thyra Elisabet, Ellen Thesleff, 1892,oil on canvas, 42 x 25 cm.
 The Great Wave of Kanagava,1729-32, Katsushika Hokusai, woodcut print, 

Smiling Girl, Helene Shjerfbeck, 1921, oil and mixed media on paper


 The themes of my wood cuts and mixed media works have something to do with memories, associations and identity.
 My grandma was a dressmaker and the threads of this work are hers. 
She passed away a long, long time ago but somehow I can feel her strong personality and presence even now. She was a creative and unique personality, always wearing elegant hats
 and smoking constantly.

the theme of this week´s drawing challenge is Japan and our charming host is Nadine, see her fascinating blog Tiny WOOLF for more.

In a Dressmaker´s Family, 2014, acrylics, wood cut and threads on canvas, 60 x 90cm

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Elokuun kattaus

 @Vakaskari, Raumanmeri
August Setting

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