lauantai 16. tammikuuta 2016

January goes BW


While photographing some of my latest paintings, I tried how it all looks black and white 
( plus a glimpse of sepia ) and here we go!
Oh, this time of year with bright, cold, sunny days, fluffy white snow and blue sky fills me with joy and energy.
Have a wonderful week end!

perjantai 8. tammikuuta 2016


It has been very cold but so beautiful. I love the increasing light and whiteness.

Faces of Beijing #2

see here and here and here for more

Beijing Views #2

@Beijing 27.12.2015-3.1.2016
see here and here and here for more

Wise Chinese proverbs:
You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.

maanantai 4. tammikuuta 2016

tiistai 22. joulukuuta 2015

Seasons Greetings

Rosy Bling 2015 ink & acrylics 20 x 20cm

Season`s Greetings / Hyvää joulua &
Happy New Year / Onnellista uutta vuotta!