sunnuntai 13. toukokuuta 2012

Hello and Goodbye






I spent the afternoon enjoying the sunny weather in Pyynikki. The esker of Pyynikki is one of my favorite places in Tampere. On the top of the esker there is a splendid view over Pyhäjärvi.
There is also a marvellous and famous donut cafe.
In an old factory, Pyynikin Trikoo,  in Pyynikki there has been my studio for nearly ten years. 
I am sad to leave the place and friends  but  I am moving my studio back home. 
The kids are grown and moved away and there is plenty of room in our house now.  
Today I painted in Pyynikki studio maybe for the last time.


Ihana iltapäivä Pyynikillä; se on yksi mielipaikoistani Tampereella. Siellä on kuuluisan munkkikahvilan sekä upeiden maisemien ja ulkoilumahdollisuuksien lisäksi ollut jo lähes 10 vuotta työtilani. 
Nyt olen haikeana jättämässä sen - työtilaa on nyt kotonakin kun lapset ovat muutaneet pois.

6 kommenttia:

  1. It is very pretty there but I know you will enjoy your studio at home. I love the portrait painting!

  2. Hi Leena

    such a big change but who knows what new work might evolve from this change its exciting to think about it.

    What a lovely place you got to work in for 10 years its so pretty.

    Good Luck with the move

    Helen :)

  3. mmm....
    a melancholic goodbye
    from a beautiful place
    memories made

    and that painting
    so beautiful!
    wishing I could paint
    like that

    Patrice A.

  4. Oh, Leena, I must admit that I was relieved to learn that you are not saying goodbye to us here.
    Goodbye's are hard, but opens up for new possibbilities.
    I too wish I could paint like you. More often I wish I could look at your work every day.
    Good luck and warm hug, Leena

  5. beautiful! i enjoy your pics and words...

    may i invite you to the next drawing challenge? please visit my blog if you like.

    have a nice week!

  6. Thank you, dear friends, for your comments:)Leena