perjantai 4. toukokuuta 2012

Cease, O waterfall, thy foaming!

I have always lived near water. 
I like the rivers and lakes
I LOVE the sea


 UNDERWATER life / love
is the theme of this week´s drawing challence, hosted by dear Julia, thank you for the charming theme!
Via Julia´s blog you may see all the wonderful participants of the week.
I am going to -
guess where..
 ..well to the sea  ( in spite of the chilly weather and flu )
That is why I am sorry  not to visit your blogs until the Sunday evening, see you then!


Some years ago I made works based on the Finnish national saga, Kalevala
I became charmed by the rune 40, Birth of the Harp. 
Väinämöinen -  a shamanistic and  pretty bombastic hero -   cuts a giant pike in two and
makes a harp ( =kantele)  out of the fish bones. 
This rune is about men of the Northland
but there are also many unique, strong, characteristic women in the saga. 

This rune is also about water - into and out of the water.

pike tail, 90 x 116cm, oil on canvas

(Väinämöinen) ..Cuts the monster into pieces;
To the water falls the pike-tail,

To the ship the head and body;

Easily the ship moves onward.



Goodly Dinner, 70 x 70cm, oil on canvas

"Let the youngest of the maidens
Cook for me the pike of Northland,
Set for me a goodly dinner!"

jawbone of the pike,116 x 90cm, oil on canvas

Whence the necessary harp-pins?
From the pike-teeth firmly fastened.
Whence the sweetly singing harp-strings?
From the tail of Lempo's stallion.
Thus was born the harp of magic
From the mighty pike of Northland,
From the relies from the feasting
Of the heroes of Wainola.


The Kalevala is the national saga of Finland. Pieced together (and embellished) by Elias Lönnrot in the late 19th Century, from a traditional cycle told by rural storytellers, the tales which constitute the Kalevala show signs of great antiquity.--J. B. Hare

Väinämöinen is the central character of The Kalevala, a shamanistic  hero with a magical power of song and music, similar to that of Orpheus.  Väinämöinen created and plays the kantele, a Finnish stringed instrument that resembles and is played like a zither.

All about the Kalevala

16 kommenttia:

  1. oh i like your work Leena, these glowing and deep colours speak to me.
    mythes and sages the wonderful worlds of the human imagination,thanks for the link.
    and ofcourse enjoy the SEA!! xx

  2. me too, I love your paintings. And it is great to watch the photos above, have a good time
    x Stefanie

  3. the pike tale is illuminating! what an ancient seaworld you evoke... so bright.
    hope you've enjoyed that sea now.

  4. strong colors
    so, SO beautiful
    great work
    although my brother lives in Finland
    for 25 years now, I know so little
    of the sagas and stories

    thank you!

  5. Dear Leena,
    I'm impressed by your illustration of the Kalevala. Your paintings show some of that special nordic light, even the light by night.
    I feel very touched... maybe some drops of my nordic blood wakes up looking at your paintings.
    And is it true that there are over 20 000 verse of that runes?!

    x Ariane

  6. Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.

  7. Leena, your paintings on the Kalevala theme are beautiful!

    I am so fascinated by that epic, still reading it and trying to understand it. Not having grown up in Finland, it was not part of my schooling. I bought a lovely children's version with gorgeous illustrations for my eldest granddaughter and have been reading it to her when she is here. I also have the full one but in English - I wish the Finnish was next to it for it is so much more beautiful in its original tongue (though I suppose the original is really Karelian?).

  8. Leena your art has rendered me speechless. What a wonderful and powerful post, rich in visuals and rich in thought. I am going to immerse myself in Kalevala as soon as I follow your link. Thank you so much for this. Your painting style is just stunningly powerful and beautiful at the same time (and thoughtful) so really strikes one.
    I know I am gushing...
    *smiles* Norma
    p.s. hope that flu goes away soon!

  9. your pictures are beautiful.
    i like the influence of the nordic saga in them.
    and runes. i often hide runes in my pictures...

  10. Hi Leena

    amazing works, I love how you layer paint on canvas the colour palette is so rich and the rune story very engaging.

    I would love to see your work in person but Ill settle for online viewing!

    the photo graphic images are great too particularly the second one I love its composition.

  11. this saga is so interesting, I never heard about it before. I love your paintings, they are powerful and magical, the colours are so beautiful.
    I hope you are well after your sea trip! x mano

  12. oh i want to read that saga, thank you for telling us, i love your strong, powerful paintings so much! xx julia

  13. Leena, I love your paintings! The bright colours of these are so intense and beautiful. Wouldn't it be interesting to go deep into the sea to see the colourful fish and other underwater life. To the sea, the beautiful sea!

  14. hei Leena, hieno posti, kertakaikkiaan!

  15. leena,
    the Goodly Dinner is quite beautiful and rich in color, though I do feel sorry at the same time.
    An interesting tale to go with your paintings.
    i enjoyed the reading.

  16. Thank you: Renilde, Stefanie, Nadine, Patrice, Ariane, Marja-Leena, Tatjana, Norma, Helen, Mano, Julia, Carole, Ritva and Rachel, I do appreciate your comments x Leena