perjantai 22. toukokuuta 2015

Being Frida

Thank you Patrice for the fascinating theme for this week´s DC ( Drawing Challenge ): 


This time I wanted to have fun and play and dress up, pretend being Frida Kahlo one moment.
I suppose Frida and I have something in common:
strong eyebrows, dark hair, being a painter.. and yes, 
I also do have some wounds, although they aren´t as visible, severe and overwhelming as Frida`s.  Anyway, I think being aware of fragility in  life makes me an artist.

11 kommenttia:

  1. You look so beautiful and you have that "Schalk" mischief in your eyes!
    I really hoped to see strong women styled as Frida Kahlo this weekend just like YOU!
    x Stefanie

  2. wow!! Leena, you look wonderful, really, you hairdo, your eyes!
    great photos, jewelry and flowers, a colorful woman, xx

  3. ja, wow, wonderful selfie! Dear Leena you look very beautiful (even as Frida ;-) and I love the expression in your eyes! Great performance!

    PS: I have sunshine in my life and heart ;-) Wish the same to you (and you look like you have). In this part of life we do know, that wounds belong to life, don't we?

  4. LEENA!
    i love your image
    you look wonderful!!
    the flowers (we should do that more often)
    the dress and jewelry, your eyes....

    thank you so much for joining!

  5. You look like you had so much fun transforming yourself like Frida!
    (I did too)

  6. such a wonderful portrait of you!
    and your photos are a joy to see.

  7. Leena, you're a natural! You and Frida share many things including laughter.
    xo Carole

  8. omg, omg, omg. look! it's frida. you're frida!!
    what a delight...! that is superb, leena!

  9. Yes. For me there is also a strong power in fragility. Thank you. Lucia

  10. as I have written on another contestant's page; I love the idea of all of us having a little Frida in our hearts and minds. and you are showing an especially beautiful one.