perjantai 26. helmikuuta 2016

Phases of Water and Me


SNOW&ice LUMI&jää

The theme of this week end´s DC ( drawing challenge ) is a tricky and yet fascinating one for me: 


Somehow I begun to think about water and its different forms. During the seasons of the year I am able to see and feel them all. I love to see the whiteness of snow in different shades as well as the grey, blue, green and even pink color the sea gets during the short but bright and wonderful summer. 
I am also thinking of the vital importance of clean water and the sea and ocean areas. See this:( and this:)

Well, after a while I found myself playing with the metamorphosis of me myself:) There are some photos and self portraits, which show that I feel I am in the process of metamorphosis all the time!
(Another Transformation:  Frida )

My DC is - once again - without any drawings nor is my interpret quite according to the title..

Lovely Ariane  is our host this week; see her beautiful blog Rose for more of the theme and participants. The 'drawings' are shown on the blogs of the participants
and the host links to them all

7 kommenttia:

  1. Dear Leena, kiitos!
    Wonderful metamorphosis of water. I think most of the photos are taken in Rauma? This place seems to be really beautiful, full of power of Mother Nature. Your photos calm me. Love the colors and find them in your great paintings. Your metamorphosis in the self portraits are powerful, too (I still remember that one: you as Frida;-)
    ThanX for playing, Dear.
    Love, Ariane

    1. Dear Ariane! Thank you for the invite and wonderful theme! The water pics are taken in Rauma and snowy ones in Tampere, Pori and Kankaanpää:)Yes, it was fun to be "Frida" one moment:) xoLeena

  2. Your water images speak to me. I can see the silence of the Finnish lakes.
    Nice to see the difference in all your self portraits. We ourselves are of course a great example of constant metamorphosis.- eric

  3. To show yourself. Innocent. Raw. Vulnerable. It is a feeling of grace I have to view them. I'm thinking that water is also innocent, raw, vulnerable. And us humans are stewards of water and of fellow humans at the same time. I'm not a fan of blue, but I sure like your blues (photos.) This is a lovely post, Leena. Hugs, N, x

  4. yes, metamorphosis all the time.
    we both played with water for this theme. lovely to see your images and hear your thoughts.

  5. i often consider how living in a place where seasons are felt such as at yours, must have a huge influence on any art created; the juxtaposition of running and frozen water just being one aspect of nature forever transforming. certainly one huge and sad transformation of oceans nowadays is the presence of such filth as plastic, which was never there before the existence of the material. i am very sad over this fact.
    your self portraits are exciting. a life time. :-)

  6. Isn't it amazing how you can start in one place, tides, and end up with yourself. That is the great gift; I strongly believes, comes with being an artist. Love this!