perjantai 19. helmikuuta 2016

Creepy Cocoon

Cocoon with a white bed sheet and a mask from Venice

Presence 2015 ink and acrylics on paper LV

Oh dear, this is my creepiest post ever.. sorry about that.
Anyway,  Cocoon is a charming theme for this week´s DC ( drawing challenge) and so is our host Patrice with her blog! See Patrice A. for all the participants and their interpretations of the theme.

ps. Cocoon is a fascinating word.. the Finnish word for cocoon is kotelo, which means cocoon of a butterfly but  also  f.ex. eyeglass case:)
This is a charming one; it belonged to my grandma some 50 years ago.

9 kommenttia:

  1. is ist creepy?!
    I think it´s excellent!
    x Stefanie

  2. not creepy but fascinating i think!
    the images
    your FINE drawing, i like a lot!!
    and thanks for the word kotelo
    sounds nice and cosy

    thank you joining and sharing

  3. Creepy is g-r-e-a-t!! I love creepy, and this post makes me happy Leena! Wonderful this is. *hugs* Norma

  4. I don't find it creepy because I buy a mask each time I'm in Venice! I have them hanging on the wall in the studio and love to look at them. Love the cocoon around the mask. Makes it so very life like. Well done you. :D

  5. yes, i believe so. fascinating. am loving the vintage glasses case! i always try to look out for them in thrift shops.. n♥

  6. so fun to see your art, not so creepy, i think great for our prompt. yes, a sweet eye case and fun to hear it is called a cocoon, makes sense.

  7. so great!! I love these venecian masks, most of them are not so creepy but fascinating!
    :-) mano

  8. Thank you all for nice comments:)

  9. Dear Leena,
    fantastic work! Deep and a kind of haptic, great!
    And it goes on:
    may I please invite you to the next drawing challenge?
    You'll find the theme on my blog.
    Love, Ariane. Rose