perjantai 14. elokuuta 2015




photos by Irene Rogan

On June I worked together with four artists in an old house in Rauma ( my old home town ).
My installation took place in two rooms and was about memories, identity - my little microcosm of mind and place.
I also ended up creating a performance Milky White about the same themes.
One of the artists working at the house was Irene Rogan,  Raumars residence artist at that moment.
These photos are her view and IMAGE of my work at the house
I am so impressed about her clear, profound vision,
thank you, Irene!

Microcosm / Mikrokosmos
Sepän talo, Rauma
June 2015

Image is the theme of this week´s DC ( drawing challenge )
thank you Nadine for this fascinating theme! See her charming blog Tiny Woolf for more:)

9 kommenttia:

  1. Wow Leena, those are very powerful images. How lucky to have been involved in this installation. Fun! X

  2. Interesting images that stand alone from the performance I think.
    Quite disturbing too - especially of the one where you are lying on the floor with plates of food placed in an arc above your head...

  3. Leena these images are so powerful they take words from my mouth. They bring a small tear to my eye and a groping memory of time passed/past. These are powerful exquisite moments of time marking importance to who we are. Of who this woman was and is...

    Whew, powerful stuff my friend! I'd love to see this in person, alone and with others. Now I'm off to visit your link. Ta! *smiles and a wee tear* Norma, x

  4. images that make me pause to consider
    quite intriguing

  5. thank you for sharing this project / performance in our DC. incidentally, i go home today on a bit of a mission and these images talk to me in a sense that surprises me. these are basics, right, not necessarily taken up by its users, i mean, i dig it, for my own personal reasons. very touching. this must be a powerful thing, for real. n♥

  6. Breathtaking images and thoughts, Leena. Powerful yet subtle.
    I love your website. I visit it quite often. xo Carole

  7. so so beautiful, love the clear pictures, the composition, it´s strong - as Carole says.
    x Stef.

  8. ooh.... Leena
    i like these images very much
    yes they are powerfull and strong
    but also so silenced and subtle
    some sadness....
    i can imagine a lot around these images
    which i like very much
    the second one my favorite
    just her, standing there


  9. Your installation looks fascinating; these images speak to me of silence and sadness, and dreams. Thank you for sharing them.