perjantai 24. huhtikuuta 2015


..should be warm.. and comfortable.. and functional. Hood is good. And I love bright colors.  

I do love ribbons, big pockets and collars..


I have never ever been a paper doll before.. but here I am

.. in my blue cute coat ( with ribbons and big collar )

..and my favorite pink with zippers and hood!


Thank you Patrice for giving me an opportunity to became a paper doll!

Patrice says: the theme for dc 165 of April 25-26: COAT

if you want to join, leave a comment saying you are in
the following weekend the 'drawings' are shown on the blogs of the participants and the host links to them all

See Patrice`s blog fore more!

9 kommenttia:

  1. Leena!
    i love your paperdoll!
    and boy are you different from me
    i am not fond of colors and ribbons ;^))))
    but that's no surprise
    and yours fit the image i have of you perfectly
    especially the pink one
    a color you use often

    thanks so much for joining!!!!

  2. That's brilliant Leena! I love paper dolls and play with them as much as I can. :D Your Leena doll looks absolutely ready for the unpredictable spring weather, (which I think we had yesterday: hail, snow, rain, sun, thunder and lightning, all in one afternoon!)

  3. such a great idea Leena!
    you like your coats, it shows in the way you made them, snug and cozy.
    i guess in Finland you are in need of a warm and windproof coat the greater part of the year.

  4. how fun, a paper doll you
    and two coats
    it is fun to consider the details of the coats we like
    long coats like that make a difference in warmth

  5. paperdolls are so fun and charming, good idea how you are presenting us your coats
    x Stefanie

  6. You are a well dressed paper doll indeed, Leena! I too have coats with hoods. A place to hide from the rain or wind. Let's play paper dolls one day. xo

  7. too funny, and hi! leena, in your many coats...!
    still winter in finland, is it? n♥

  8. that paper doll aproach; perfection. I have loved them when I was a kid and looking at yours, makes me smile. and that pink coat. I am taken.

  9. Oh - paperdolls. I love them. Very inspiring! Thank you. Lucia