perjantai 19. syyskuuta 2014

Alternative Photography


Learning about some exciting techniques...
 It was wonderful to learn about some totally new things for me! 
These are Cyanotypes .

Olipas kiva oppia jotain ihan uutta.. en ollut aiemmin kuullutkaan vaihtoehtoisen valokuvauksen tekniikoista.. Nämä ovat esimerkkejä syanotypiasta - SINIvedoksia siis:)

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  1. Leena, I've heard of this process and bought a great little sun kit for my kids but I haven't seen anything like your photo works here. They make your self portraits even more stunning. I'm going to read up on Cyanotypes to see if I can use the chemicals without having any allergic reactions. Have fun! xo Carole