maanantai 11. elokuuta 2014

Siellä, täällä

Tampere, Vehmainen, kaupungin niitty

Turku, Qwenselin talon sisäpiha

Kuusisto, taidekartano ja linnanrauniot, Kaarina


Pöytäkivi, Vakaskarit, Rauma

Pihluksen säikkä, Rauma

Vakaskarit, Rauma

July was exceptionally warm in Finland.
I was happy to be able to spend most of the time by the sea at Rauma.
I also visited Turku and surroundings.

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  1. love this randomness, somehow also connected.
    here to tell you this too : the DC {drawing challenges} is back. come and check out our new theme. you are very welcome. n♥

    1. Hi Nadine, thank you for the invite! I am in:) Leena