lauantai 7. kesäkuuta 2014

Upside down

Patrice choosed a fascinating theme for this week´s DC ( drawing challenge ): Upside down.
Art is often about things that upset, are twisted  - about things that are upside down.
At first Georg Baselitz came to my mind with his bold and strong paintings.
Then I remembered a work called State of Readiness by a sculptor Heli Ryhänen. She is a wonderful artist and  great teacher:)

I have been taking photos of reflections which turn the view upside down.
And I found my "self portrait" ( oil on  metal plate, 2013 ) lying on a shelf - upside down:)

13 kommenttia:

  1. Lovely, dear Leena,
    your words (thank you for reminding me on Georg Baselitz and introducing me Heli Ryhänen)...
    and pictures:
    first photo looks like palm leaves is this direction! and the last of the mirrored swan... wonderful.
    But your self portrait, Dear! it's great!
    doesn't matter the point of view.

    Have a nice Whitsuntide

  2. dear Leena,
    you make me speachless with the art of Baselitz and especially Ryhanen
    but also with that wonderful self-portrait!!
    i really want to paint too!

    like you i looked a lot in the water while walking the dog this week
    but never saw such a wonderful reflection as your first picture

    thank you!
    Patrice A.

  3. That's a lovely self portrait Leena. It feels so free and that's a wonderful image of oneself. I also love photographing reflections. So many possibilities. :)

  4. Your selfportret, those lines and lovely colors, it's very personal. No face, ore just al little bit makes it mysterius. The reflextion-photo's look like a little part of something big. Is there more?

  5. i love your self portrait, the bald lines and the colour palette! so fetching you'd stumble upon it, upside down... n♥

  6. ummmm
    these are all wonderful to see upside down
    each one!

  7. I really like the first picture, the colors are just wonderful in there! And your self-portrait looks so free! I want to paint like that!

  8. I love that reflection thing and also had it on my mind. The first picture is my favourite. Dreamy mood! Your self-portrait is very arcanely and I couldn't stop me from turning my head upside down to look at it in the "right" position! ;-)

  9. I landed on the reflection theme too for upside down- something about the world always having that potential to be right side up or up side down- as in the water reflecting- you always have such beautiful water photos...and the portrait in the center is super...I really like it this way- it has more mystery about it :)

  10. Leena, this post is so visually stunning. Wow. I love the three images one above the other and the colors all go together perfectly. Your self portrait is priceless. Love it to bits. Your painting style looks like it would be very freeing to do...and scary as well because of the loss of control so to speak. Your work is fluid and I like that. Nice!! Norma *smiles*

  11. I just think their is something very special about your self portrait hanging upside down. It really made me smile. I might hang some of my art at home upside down and see if people will smile like I had to do here. I really like your take on the drawing challenge theme.

  12. Self-portraiture is a subject I enjoy both looking at and painting about. Your painting here is stunning in color and mood. best wishes, sus

  13. Hi Leena, I completely agree about what you said about art and upside down, said something quite similar and I really like these photos (reflections) and I'm specially drawn to your colorpalette - really awesome.
    barbara bee