keskiviikko 4. kesäkuuta 2014


Today  I saw two fascinating and unique exhibitions.
At first I went to Saskia Gallery.
There were on display Pälvi Hanni`s works: very airy, luminous, delicate graphics.
After that I went to Tampere Art Museum to see something very different:
the young artist of the year -exhibition.
Actually, this year the young artist is a artist couple Nabb+Teeri.
They use found objects and waste materials in their installations. Their works are very much art of the day by the themes, too. I found their colors and ideas clever and  funny in a twisted way.
After the exhibit I looked at the world in a new way, see the photos above.

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  1. Your reaction to the exhibition is more proof that when we visit galleries our eyes are opened to new and different things inside the gallery and outside! We get new eyes.