sunnuntai 2. maaliskuuta 2014

Madrid says:

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  1. Hi Leena,
    I must confess my envy of living in Europe and being able to hop a train to another country in minutes! Sigh. It takes hours and hours to get out of Canada from Vancouver Island. Have a great week. xo Carole

    1. Hi Carole, actually it took us a whole day to get to Madrid, cause there was a mess with the flights.. but yes, it is nice to have a long week end in different countries in Europe once in a while.. on the other hand it is soooo long way to see f.ex.Vancouver and Nanaimo or my aunt in Hawaii.. xo Leena

  2. wow, wow, wow!
    your madrid looks so, so beautiful!!!!!
    you may not have the time, but if, if, if... then..

    ... here to invite you to come and play next weekend, over at mine's.
    cheerio, and enjoy this week...

    1. Hi there Woolfy, yes I`ll be playing, thanks for the invite:) Leena