lauantai 15. maaliskuuta 2014


Earth 1, watercolor on paper, 29 x 42cm, LV 2014


Earth 2, watercolor on paper, 29 x 42cm, LV 2014

  Connection to earth ( maa in Finnish ) is important to me. 
Unevitably that can be seen in my works, too. 
And there is a clear connection between my photos and paintings. 
For me the dearest place on earth is - as you  may already know - our summer place in Rauma archipelago. 
And, yes, there is a connection between that place and all these images:)

I can´t wait  to get there , there , there again..
We got some snow: it is not spring yet, so I´ll have to wait some more time:(

This week´s drawing challenge is about Connections. 
Our host is Kristen, see her vivid and colourful blog  Sunny Spot for more:)

11 kommenttia:

  1. Lovely connections. I love top be connected to the Earth as well. I love the watercolours of the stones and lichen and the beautiful colourations you've found. I just thought that somewhere I have a book describing a dying process using lichen. Wouldn't that be fun to try it out? I must find the book. Hope you have a lovely weekend. :)

    1. Let me know if you´ll find the book, that sounds so interesting! Leena

  2. yoursummer place in Rauma is a magical one
    and everytime again i love the images you show
    when i feel gloomy i try to connect with the earth
    to feel that i am part of mother nature
    and that's one of the things i like about your work

    wish you a fine weekend

  3. Dear Leena,
    you have wonderful, lovely connections... to maa... Mother Earth in your paintings and photos, love it, deeply.

    xo Ariane.

  4. Leena, your maa connection is so strong it pulls and connects all the way across the sea. Your photos of Rauma have always intrigued me. And now you introduce me to Color Dolor. Thank you! Here's to a marvellous week. xo Carole

  5. i love your photos
    the glimpses of something more, yet complete and connected to the whole
    wonderful that you are so inspired by what you see in the natural world!

  6. Thank you ladies for comments! I do feel the connection between us and I appreciate that very much, xo Leena

  7. These are beautiful Leena! especially Earth 2 Wow!! what a knock out watercolor :)
    I've always seen landscapes in the rocks/earth and I love how you bring that out in this post!
    Really well done and thank you so much for sharing and playing along :)
    Best -K

  8. I love your paintings and photo's! I visited finland twice, during summer and in winter and it was wonderful both times. I love snow. And I imagine why you love earth…. it is so beautiful over there….

  9. There is also a very obvious connection to a place in your heart. Lichens, earth, water, birds. . . so simple and yet so powerful.

  10. earth 2 is just so stunning, i feel there is indeed a huge connection between your images and your paintings, and in this picture i sense they are one. n♥