perjantai 21. maaliskuuta 2014

Kivi, paperi, sakset

Olen leikannut lakanoita ja pellavia ja tehnyt niistä paperia. 
Olen laittanut käteni saveen. Poltossa savesta haihtuu kaikki vesi ja siitä tulee kivitavaraa..
 I have made paper of cotton and linen. 
I also have been moulding clay - oh, how I love the touch of it!
The first and last images are seen through unpainted and painted papersheets. 
We still have had mostly misty and cold winter days as can be seen in the image in the middle.
In waiting for brightness I have been watching Bright shadow by two wonderful artists.

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  1. cold against warmth....

    i am hosting this week's challenge
    and hope you will join