maanantai 30. joulukuuta 2013

Happy New Year!

During the year 2013 I have been studying art:
drawing, painting, making installations and mixed media, taking photos.
Most of all, I have been learning about myself though.
I am curious and excited about the new year and new adventures in life and art.

Hope you`ll have a creative and wonderful year 2014!


Vuonna 2013 olen opiskellut.
Olen piirtänyt, maalannut, tehnyt sekatekniikkaa ja installaatioita, valokuvannut -
ja ennen kaikkea pohtinut identiteettiä.
Uteliaana ja innoissani katson uuteen vuoteen.

Luovaa ja ihanaa uutta vuotta toivottaen


7 kommenttia:

  1. Happy New Year, Leena. I agree, studying/making art is an excellent way to learn about ones self.
    Best wishes, sus

  2. Ihanaa Uutta Vuotta, Leena! Toivon jatkuvaa taiteen intoa.

  3. Such a busy year for you! and so wonderful to share it with us! Hope creativity continues in 2014 :) Happy New Year

  4. Leena your art is completely wonderful...full of wonder...full of wonderfulness. I have enjoyed seeing it this past year. I raise my glass to toast your spirit! May your wishes be fulfilled in the coming year. Norma, x

  5. Thank you dear blog friend ladies for your sweet wishes and support! Leena

  6. that sounds like a plan to be continued!
    see ya in this new year!!

  7. to the new year!
    full of new adventures
    sounds great to me

    happy new year!!