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Garland of Life

The theme of the week´s DC  is GARLAND
Our host of the week is Nadine with her creative, inspiring blog  Tiny Woolf
See via Nadine´s blog all the participants of the drawing challenge.

And thank you, dear Nadine, for inviting me although I have been such a lazy blogger!


The most impressive garland to me can be seen at the Tampere Cathedral.
Garland of Life is unique and exeptional fresco - 
 it is at the same time fragile, sensitive and strong.
It is very far from mundane and the whole building with all the paintings and deco is special. 
I think it is the most impressive building in Tampere in the artistic point of view.


The Tampere Cathedral (Finnish Tampereen tuomiokirkko, Swedish Tammerfors domkyrka) is a church in Tampere.
The grey-granite, tile-roofed church was built on the basis of designs by architect Lars Sonck  and built between 1902 and 1907 The artwork is by painters Hugo Simberg and Magnus Enckell.The cathedral is famous for its frescoes, painted by the symbolist Hugo Simberg between 1905 and 1906.The paintings aroused considerable adverse criticism in their time Of particular controversy was Simberg's painting of a winged serpent on a red background in the highest point of the ceiling, which some contemporaries interpreted as a symbol of sin and corruption.

Tampere Cathedral is considered to be the chief monument of Finnish national romantic architectural style as well as a magnificent specimen of the skills of builders and craftsmen of the time.

The cathedral is extremely popular for concerts and weddings. Today, the cathedral accommodates almost 2,000 people.

More about Hugo Simberg here


My garland has got its inspiration from the Garland of Life. 
There are red roses ( which I do love ) on my painting called Absence. 
Together they make a garland in a line of photos.


11 kommenttia:

  1. dear Leena, it's so good to see you at the dc again!
    and what a beautiful painting you show!!
    i can image that the garland of life is impressive
    but i even more like your paintings....
    the brushstrokes, the way they make a garland, the roses
    very beautiful!

    thank you

  2. i love where you got your inspiration!
    such a wonderful garland at the Tampere Cathedral, thank you for sharing that.
    and your painting mixed with a real rose is divine.

  3. terrific, i love both your personal interpretation of a garlanded series of images (the title of your work, absence, it intrigues me), and this beautiful, beautiful cathedral fresco's, i mean, just so very stunning. and thxs for the bit of history too.
    "the garland of life".
    i mean, just the sound of that.

    lovely too to have found you here. thx, n♥

  4. both wonderful garlands Leena,
    the roses look like they are growing out of your painting, really fascinating, the veiled head like a shiny bead in between.
    thanks for showing us the garland in Tampere cathedral, xx

  5. hello!
    oh my, that mural is stunning! you are so fortunate to be able to visit it. i also love your brushstrokes - very nice. i can smell the oil paint ;)

  6. Your garland is wonderful - I love the gesture combined with the real rose- wonderful paint application and thank you for showing the cathedral!

  7. What an interesting and educational post, Leena - the best of blogging for sure. Your rose painting is amazing.
    Happy week ahead, sus

  8. What a beautiful idea - I found a red rose yesterday on my way, maybe from your garlands?

  9. Those red roses are so red and their velvet wings (petals) which now that I have seen Ariane's post using flower petals as angel's wings will forever make me think of rose petals as wings, so textured in their subtle way...against the cream more heavily textured paint reminds me of roses against stucco. So in a way your painting(s) that speak 'garland' are a building of sorts. The real building that is this cathedral with its' history, fits well with your art. This is a beautiful post Leena! *smiles* Norma, x

  10. beautiful - simply beautiful. I love the combination of the textured rose and the so differently textured paint.

  11. Oh, I love the idea of putting photos in a row to become a garland! Really, that's a wonderful idea! And the garland of life...uh wow, it's beautiful and impressive!