torstai 20. kesäkuuta 2013


 View / acrylic on canvas

On The Rocks Little Pine Tree.. The Land of  Pine Trees
 Solstice is the challenge of this midsummer week, thank you Kristen, for this mesmerising theme!
See more about  DC ( drawing challenge ) in Kristen´s sun shiny blog  Sunny Spot.
I will be by the sea with friends to celebrate the midsummer: food from the grill, sauna &swimming,  fires&fireworks, playing cards & games etc.
 Finnish Midsummer
I`ll be back on Sunday visiting your blogs then. Have a nice week end!

about esrlier midsummers:

10 kommenttia:

  1. Leena, oh Leena, I love this painting. Is it wee or is it large?
    Happy summer days to you! xo Carole

  2. lovely
    to see your painting
    with it's soft lines and colors
    wishing you a grand time away

    lovely solstice to you ~

  3. your painting and photos plus the music sketch me an image of your finnish midsummers, different,mysterious and beautiful,
    celebration by the sea with friends sounds perfect, enjoy, xx

  4. Leena
    the painting is really wonderful the colour amazing. Enjoy your midsummer.

    Helen :)

  5. Thank you ladies for your nice comments:) Carole, the size of the painting is 55 x 46cm

  6. I would love to be able to paint like you do, very much. I adore that painting. If it were on my wall I would look at it is mesmerizing. You are a talent. Thank you for this beautiful image for us. What makes it special really though, is the photograph of the tree in situ. Glorious Leena! N, x

  7. The colors are just how I imagine the light is in your world this time of year! I hope you had a wonderful celebration by the beach sounds a perfect way to mark the Summer!
    Thanks so much for playing along :)

  8. I love your painting, very very nice with only a bit of color and celebrating by the sea sounds perfect like my secret dream of a perfect midsummer celebration.

  9. your solstice sounds just the ticket.
    was it good, leena?