perjantai 14. kesäkuuta 2013

Mornig, Noon, Night

 .. is the theme of the DC this week.
In my collage collage of  pics there are details of my paintings and phototographs.
Here you are: Morning, Noon & Night.
See more about the challenge and theme and other participants in
Helen´s beautiful & creative Objects of Whimsy blog!
What an inspiring theme, thank you Helen:)

8 kommenttia:

  1. Your grid of artwork works well together Leena
    I love your painted words especially night there lots of texture and beautiful colour.
    Thanks for joining me this week.

    Helen x

  2. moods. i sense moods too.
    days have compartments, you've shown us.

  3. Hi Leena. I like the combination of photographs and paintings. really each painting with the written word is very powerful!!!

  4. Collage, grids, moods, colour, lighting..... oh I love it all!
    Your night painting captures the late summers of the Okanagan.
    Have a great week, Leena.

  5. Great collage, Leena - I especially love the way you have portrayed 'night'.

  6. you found them in your paintings allright, wonderful combinations Leena, x

  7. These are wonderful! you should do more the photo and painting combo is really rich...I could imagine all kinds of words and picture combos! so very inspiring!!

    PS I'm hosting next weekends DC....solstice if you'd like :)

  8. I agree. There is a symbiosis with your photographic eye, and painting. So luscious and rich. Thank you for this treat! N, x