perjantai 28. kesäkuuta 2013

As Times Go By

DC ( drawing challenge ) of this week is about traveling in time. 
I travel back..and forth.. 
The first five photos are from 70`s taken by my dad .
He was a photographer who loved misty early spring and late autumn views. 
In the middle there is one of my recent paintings, self portrait as John Lennon :) 
The ball hanging there is from my childhood. I am looking towards tomorrow, 
curious about the future but aware of the times gone by .
The five pics under the painting are my photos and a pastel of the same surroundings by the sea which my dad also loved and photographed.


See more Time Travelers via the lovely blog: Miss Herzfrisch.
Thank you, Sabine, for this fascinating theme! 
Happy week end everyone, I`ll be away by the sea and will be back on Sunday to visit your blogs, 
x Leena

16 kommenttia:

  1. your fathers photographs are quite beautiful to see. As are yours. and your art is wonderful, such a great self portrait.

    I would enjoy if you stop by my blog Monday for my post for hosting DC next week. It would be lovely to have you join us!

  2. dear leena, this is such a wonderful post - I enjoy every single picture!
    :-) mano

    1. dear Mano, time and travel, a good theme for me, that is what I am processing in my art

  3. what a great collection, so lovely to find out about you your father was a photographer. that's intriguing! the colour blue is so prominent, and since i saw this blue in a scandinavian detective series, i realize this must be ... scandinavian blue? ;)))

  4. Leena these are such tranquil and very beautiful images, all. Favorites for me are your pastel and far's boats. -xxxooo sus

    1. Sus, boats are interesting and have many meanings.

  5. Beautiful photos, each so moody and silent. I love the pastel colours in your father's pictures very much and it's interesting how close your painting comes to them in its colour choice. I love the melancholic touch in all of these images. Lovely.

    1. Tania, I feel that my dad and I speak the same "language" in pictures, we both love nature.

  6. dear you
    what a fine post!
    the images taken by your dad are wonderful
    i love the light, his eye, the water, the boats
    the silence
    a bit melancholic, which i like very much
    and your selfportrait makes me smile ;^))

    Patrice A.

    1. Patrrice, I smile as well as found myself looking like John Lennon..

  7. Lovely post
    lovely photos
    lovely leena!

    I hope you have a fabulous holiday Enjoy!

    Helen x

  8. Wonderful photos, love the pastel colors and the atmosphere,

  9. So love your photos- it's like time traveling for me to look at them :)
    and your father was a fine photographer too- what a wonderful post thank you for sharing :)