sunnuntai 24. helmikuuta 2013


Vaikutuin kummallisesta 1800- luvun sveitsiläisenglantilaisesta  Henry Fuseli -nimisestä taiteilijasta, joka maalasi hurjia unikuvia mm Lapin (! ) noidista. 

Drawings from my sketch book, made at the art history lessons. 
Henry Fuseli is an impressive artist from the 18th century. 
He painted furious paintings about nightmares and Lappland Witches.
 I don´t know if he ever visited Lappland.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Dear Leena,
    thank you for introducing me Henry Fuseli... I like Tintania and Bottom, the allocation of the figures on the canvas.
    And I love your drawings, the duktus of your pencil. Did you draw the first one during listening to someone? reminds me with its amorphous head on scribbles when I am on the phone... yours are fantastic!

    x Ariane.

    1. dear Ariane, those are drawings made as listening art history lectures. Much of not thinking just drawing..