perjantai 23. marraskuuta 2012

Curious Mind


Improvisaatiota ja siipien rakennusta
Performance art lessons were about improvisation ( and space, time, art and identity ) 
I also was creating wings of black lace.
Gonna fly soon?

4 kommenttia:

  1. dear leena,
    such a long time since my last visit and it seems
    that you changed something in your life??
    are you a student know!!
    it touched me so deeply that you wrote that you learn about yourself and found a place that you belong to!
    thank you for sharing this!! it means a lot to me.
    let's keep curious for ever;)
    hugs, julia

  2. Dear Julia, yes indeed, I really am a busy student now. It is a big and wonderful change in my life. It is great to learn and art is my passion and life. I am working hard. Thank you for visiting my blog, take care x Leena

  3. I hope to see you soaring in the sky! If you do reach down and grab my hand, I'd like to fly along with you for a bit. xo

  4. that (2nd) improvisation picture, cracks me up! great style! 's giving me an itch in the smile compartment.
    's been a long while since i last visited, leena...
    you are keeping yourself well occupied!