sunnuntai 12. elokuuta 2012


kävimme katsomassa  mm Tyrvään Pyhän Olavin kirkkoa. Kaunista.

On Sunday we drove to see a charming church in Sastamala, Tyrvää
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  1. hello Leena, your photos give me not only an impression of you and the things you like or caught your eye but also of Finland, a country i knew not much about before i started blogging. i like it there :)
    i photographed a tiny dead bird at my backdoor too this week,strange i wouldn't take a photo of any other dead animal, i wonder why...

    your garden looks beautiful
    succes with your exhibition, Baren, Baren looks good fun to me, x

  2. beautiful pictures, dear leena! I like finland very much, I stayed there 2times for holidays near savonlinna, it was a great nature experience! I remember this when I saw your photos. have a wonderful august! :-) mano

  3. Renilde and Mano, thank you for your nice comments:) Blogging is a great way to give and get information of the world, people and life in different places! x Leena