perjantai 22. kesäkuuta 2012

Something about..
7 yrs old by the sea

self portrait as a child, ( acrylic on canvas, 2005)

Pink Punch project, my hands, nail polish and oil on canvas, 2012

Observer, wood cut 2012

mirror, photo 2011

 Who am I?

 is the theme of this week¨s drawing challnge.
See the lovely Patrice´s blog Patrice A. for more.
Patrice writes:
..who am I?
outside and inside
what do I show and what not?...

the theme for next weekend, June 23:

will you join?

How it works: a host picks a theme. Bloggers who want to join leave a comment saying they are in. 
The following Saturday the drawings are shown on the blogs and the host links to all the participants. 
A new host is also presented for the following week.


DEAR FRIENDS, I´ll be celebrating the midsummer, nightless night, by the sea, see you on Sunday evening, have a nice weekend! x Leena

12 kommenttia:

  1. Leena, enjoy the sea! I'll be thinking of you!! The woodcut image 'observer' is very strong. I love it to bits. Did you make an edition of this image? I'm intrigued by using nail polish as a medium. It must be a smelly operation; hope you don't breathe in the fumes too much. Well I'll light a candle in celebration of the festivities of midsummer. And watch one of my favorite d.v.d.s 'A Midsummer Night's' Dream. *smiles* Norma

  2. oooh Leena what a fabulous selection of images. I love little Leena both photo and your painting.
    As you know your woodcuts are some of my favourites of your work and this particular one is really gorgeous the colour and texture is amazing.
    I can see you in the mirror isnt our brain amazing how it fills in the detail?

    A lovely post Leena really interesting!

    Helen :)

  3. dear Leena, i smiled at that first picture, you aged 7 with binocular, you were born an observer, a quality that awoke the artist in you.
    the selfportrait on piece of canvas, so very beautiful, your hands working with and caressing the paint,a wonderful way to express oneself.

    enjoy your seaside time, xx

  4. Dear Leena,
    I've found the same expression in the first pic of you as an 7 years old girl and in the red white pic beside at your profil, makes me smiling.
    I love your woodcuts and paintings. They are both very archaic and soft, gentle.

    Happy Juhannus!


  5. hello you!
    great picture of the little you
    and what a beautiful woodcut!
    that art piece and the last picture
    of you in a mirror
    fit so beautifully together
    thank you for sharing and showing
    so much of you

    Patrice A.

  6. Dearest Leena,
    'Nightless nights'. Pure poetry in two words. So often you make me think of Edith, who I love. No wonder, with all that talent.


  7. i hope you have had a most magical solstice, or nightless night. beautiful imagery there.
    hope that weather stayed dry?!
    mhm... the observer.
    simply in each, it seems, the smokey mirror making for an interesting colour palette too.

  8. Your wood cuts are so haunting to me -I love them...and the night less night by the sea sounds like a dream! one that I would love to partake in someday.!
    I am curious about your mirror image too and how nice it relates to the child painting and wood cut :)

  9. I'm in love with the self portrait as a child. The expression again is very similar to the wood cut, just as similar as your childhood and profile photos! Funny how the face expressions relate!
    Also like

    ♥ tanïa ♥

  10. hei leena,
    minä ajattelen sinua väreinäsi,
    niinä maaväreinä, vahvoina yhdistelminä.

    hieno puupiirros.
    ja missä se aika menikään? vasta hetki sitten 7v :)

  11. Thank you all my lovely, sweet blog sisters! Your supportive commets and thoughts mean so much to me:)