perjantai 8. kesäkuuta 2012

Sisterhood & Letters

Old letters and a postcard with  a picture of Miss Finland 1945

My grand mother ( mother ´s mother ) in the left with her sisters

letters to my grandma from her sisters and a very old picture . I do not know who those children are..
Fluently(?!?) about letters, grandmothers, sisters, traveling, diaries and gardens.
And pictures of clay..

This is how it goes:

I found some old letters  to my grandmother from her sisters.
They tell about some tragedies and joys of life.
Letters are intimate and written with careful handwriting and language.
They are  close pictures from the past and show the love and care taking between the women.

I hardly remember any letters written with my poor handwriting.
It is sad, really, only to write short messages via phone, e mail or FB.

I found no letters of mine but I found some old travel diaries from the 80´s (!) instead.
 That was  the only time in my life writing a diary
I was excited traveling across the Europe and seeing many wonderful places
I have loved traveling ever since that trip.

And some of you, my dear blog sisters, live in those countries and  cities we visited.
So I ended up to think and thank YOU, all my blog sisters,
for the the blog connection and friendship!

ps. The page of the diary in the picture below  is about the gardens in Hamburg.
That  made me put the garden- flower- clay- face picture there, too.


The theme of this week´s drawing challenge is
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Mano´s welt


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..about grandmothers,  see here
..about traveling and memories, see here

A page of my diary, telling about Hamburg/ Planten und Blunmen, with a picture of my recent face of clay


13 kommenttia:

  1. dear Leena,

    what a heartwarming post!
    I love to write and saved all the letters
    I once received
    but I do not have letters from my grandmother
    how I would have loved that
    your handwriting looks lovely to me
    and all those places you visited

    thank you for sharing!
    Patrice A.

  2. visualizing the past by old letters,moments of your ancestors lives, the beautiful handwriting,the photos, something to treasure,
    and your handwriting looks beautiful to me too :)

  3. wow I love those family letters and it only seems right that you add your own to the mix.
    This was a lovely post Leena I really enjoyed your images and thoughts. (Your clay self portrait is pretty special too!)
    Have a good weekend

    Helen :)

  4. This is so sweet : )

    ( yes it seems we never write letter anymore...)

  5. Leena it is special to have the letters from your own family treasures. I think letters must be one of the most important keepsakes, because the ink and the marks on paper contain the love, thoughts, feelings of the person and record the essence, never to be lost. It's magical really. Love your mask on the handwritten background. I enjoyed this post very much. *smiles* Norma

  6. i wonder, leena, whether we perhaps ran into one another in the eighties, as our travel journeys may have crossed? what a lovely thought to cherish... do you think?

    whoa! that's a railpass you're showing? well, in the'80s... i wasn't on the road just yet, not by another year. .. ;)))

  7. i´m touched. a very sensitive post. and i love the face of clay in combination with handwritten paper! poetry!

  8. What a treasure that you still have such letters from your grandma and her sisters! A wonderful personal memory. Love their hairdo and handwriting, so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  9. your old letters and familiy photographs are really treasures! they look so beautiful! the two little girls are so cute.
    I love your clay mask on your handwriting paper - I often go to planten und blomen, when I visit hamburg.
    and I see, that you stayed in hannover, too. I live 50 km away - how sad, that we haven't meet there in 1980 ;-)
    thank you for this lovely post, dear leena!

  10. Old letters have this wonderful, careful handwriting, that tell about the valency this message and the person it was sent to had for the writer. I love them.
    Greets, Katja

  11. Dear Leena, you are so blessed to have the old letters from your GG and GAunts. What a treasure. Thank you for sharing such a sweet post. I have saved all the letters my Nana sent me from my teens until her death when I was in my thirties. I cherish them. xo Carole

  12. Yes what a gift to have letters between family and faces to match- and your right there is sisterhood in this "blog" correspondence- a blog in so many ways is like a letter to the universe and people connect with you that you may have never met otherwise-
    Thank you for such a heart felt post :)

  13. Thank you ladies for your comments; I appreciate all of them very much! Your thoughts inspire me:)