perjantai 1. kesäkuuta 2012


Norhern light gives me lots of possibilities to take shadow photos-
and that´s what I´ve done both in winter and summer.

The wood cut below looked at first only as a stain 
 but after a while I begun to see it as a shadow image and did not want to change it anymore.


is the theme of this week´s drawing challenge. 
See more shadows via sweet Ariane´s schöne blog Rose

Shadow in the history of art brings to my mind the surrealists .
They often tend to show long mysterious shadows in theis works.
The most famous Finnish surrealist is Otto Mäkilä
( I have written earlier about him in my blog, see here.)
Below you can see one of his shadow paintings:
He näkevät mitä me emme näe
(They see what we can not see )

16 kommenttia:

  1. Oi kun upea tuo toisiks alimmainen "shadow!

  2. Very clever photos and lovely shadow paints. Annette x

  3. varjoisat veet.

    hieno varjoinen ilmestys, työsi.

  4. Leena your woodcut print image is awesome. It is important to know when not to touch an art piece and I'm glad you knew here when the image was complete. Oh it is so wonderful. I am in love with this work. *smiles* Norma

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous post...such visual impact and beauty..loved each piece ..all so unique! Beautiful shadow-feast!!

  6. Dear Leena,
    I've come in touch with a beautiful face in the dark. It was very intime and close to mine.
    I did'nt know that you had in Finland Surrealists too... Exciting!
    Love your photos. Even they are surreal!

    Thank you very much.

  7. I love the woodcut its beautiful and complete.

    Your photos are great too I love the Surrealist and remember this painting from my Art School days I think Im off to reacquaint myself with Finnish Surrealism.

    Enjoy the weekend

    Helen :)

  8. Leena, your woodcut image is glad you left it as is! Are you going to do more with this theme? They would make quite a magnificent series!

  9. beautiful shadow variations.

    and magical woodcut. love the shades of colours.

  10. I like your photo shadows and your painting. You are very talanted Leena.
    Thank you for introdusing Otto Mäkilä. Never heard of him before and I always find it exciting to find out things about other countries : )

  11. looking at all those shadows all so different, all those interpretations...there is a resemblance between that snow shadow and your woodcut, i like all the different nuances in that work, the more you look the more interesting it becomes, beautiful! x

  12. your shadow pictures are very interesting - very different light - beautiful! and I like your woodcut very much. in spite of strong contrasts the work is very harmonious.

  13. your wood cut feels intriguing. the unfinished feel adds to its effect. i think i may favour unfinished, since it reflects upon life as it is.

  14. I love the depth of that wood cut! while I often see shadows as flat for some reason...your photos feel very familiar to me- like that could be me behind the camera seeing myself in the landscape...the sun on my back :)

  15. there's a great depth to your wood cut. dark and curious.

  16. Hi girls! I am happy for your comments, thoughts and ideas, thank you so much:)