perjantai 20. huhtikuuta 2012


Thinking of a pair, I think of couples of a different kind.
Swans at the Raumanmeri sea a year ago.

The pair, the couple of the summer 2011, the wedding of our son and his fiancee

In my art I often tend to express solitude;
there are only a few pairs to be found 
but here you can see some:


Meet, Carborundum, 2008

Duck & Dove, acrylic 2010
PAIR is the theme of this week´s drawing challenge hosted by Helen,
see all the participants of the week  in her beautiful blog Objects of Whimsy

13 kommenttia:

  1. nocturne
    so, so beautiful!

    I love your use of colors
    like with the duck and dove
    and the firm brushstroke
    and feel connected to express solitude

    heartwarming post
    thank you
    I will have to work on mine ;^)

  2. What a great theme! And I love how you post about it- the swans and that lovely picture of your son and his wife. And I especially love the painting of the duck and dove, the relationship of the two. you speak of solitude and I think yes it's something we long for...but are we ever really alone?

  3. Hi Leena..Wow..what a beautifull expressive post.Your art touches my soul..breathtaking and deeply heart-touching! gorgeous imagery...and the swan are also truly magnificent..i love the reflections as well in the water..fabulous post!
    PS; my sister's name is Lina! how cool!

  4. Aivan ihana postaus, suloisine, koskettavine kuvineen!
    kiitos kun jaoit♥

  5. for some reason i am moved by the sight of that couple of swans. they are gracious. ..
    i relate to the solitude too.
    and there's movement in that duck, no actually dove.
    i think. ;)))

  6. Dear Leena,
    I like your swans a lot... including the human ones, your son and his wife, fly high.

    I can't find solitude in your paintings and photos... I can find relationsship, interval and supplement (and much more).
    Connection. Wisdom (a special female wisdom).

    Meet, Carborundum... love it!

    x Ariane.

  7. Hi Leena

    a really poignant set of images I like the connection between the swans and the wedding photo.

    Nocturne is so 'swanlike' too in form.
    Your paintings are really wonderful the ducks so textured and then my favourite
    meet carborumdum.......(sigh)
    really nice work Leena
    cheers Helen :)

  8. Beautiful, tender post.... nocturne, touching , so gracious and your birds, i love them, the way you paint in bold, well-placed strokes, beautiful and strong, x

  9. renilde gave me the keyword, your post is so very tender AND strong, i like that combination a lot!! xx julia

  10. Kiitos / thank you for your nice, sweet comments, dear friends. I really enjoyed this theme, it made me wonder, love Leena

  11. Very sweet pair with their arms together looking like they were about to take off and fly.
    Have you seen how when two swans are beak to beak their beaks, necks, and chests form a heart? Sigh.

  12. I like your swans too. They are so beautiful, but your other pairs also, of course.And especially your duck and dove, your coulour palette is so alive!