perjantai 27. huhtikuuta 2012

Maa / Earth



Here in the North April is the time of year the earth is naked. 
The snow is gone but there is hardly any green to be seen yet.
So I think it is the perfect time for the theme:


 .. it is the theme for this week´s  drawing challenge. 
See all the participants via Patrice´s  lovely blog Patrice A.
I feel closest to earth when working with clay. 
It gives me the feeling of the eternity and on the other hand keeps me down to earth. 
I think clay is  the most feminine and timeless media in art.
It is strong and fragile at the same time -  and it has got the will of its own as well.. 

In the pictures there can be seen two of my works of clay 
photographed  in the garden. 
 The tiny spots of lichen are almost the only colorful objects in my garden at the moment.
In the middle there is one of my recent wood cuts which has not got any name yet. 
Anyway, it also has got something to do with the earth, water and spring.

And I am sorry, there are - again - no drawings in my post, hope this will do:)
How it works: a host picks a theme. Bloggers who want to join leave a comment saying they are in. 
The following Saturday the drawings are shown on the blogs and the host links to all the participants. 
A new host is also presented for the following week.

Huhtikuussa maa on paljaimmillaan. 
Ainoat väriläiskät pihalla ovat jäkälätäplät sammaloituneissa kivissä.
Maa on teemana tämän viikkoisessa piirustushaasteessa. 
Tosin en nyt piirtänyt mitään (taaskaan) mutta kaikki kuvat liittyvät teemaan. 
Kuten aiemminkin olen kirjoittanut blogissani
koen savea työstäessäni  yhteyden maahan ja johonkin ikiaikaiseen. 
Savi on  voimakastahtoinen ja samalla herkkä materiaali, hyvin naisellinen, kuin äiti maa itse.
Keskellä oleva puupiirros on yksi viimeisimmistä töistäni.
Se ei ehkä ole valmiskaan, nimeä sillä ei ainakaan vielä ole, mutta maa-vesi-teemaan se liittyy kuitenkin

17 kommenttia:

  1. Wow..such a powerful post..wonderful images..beautiful art..your clay is gorgeous..i love what you wrote!

  2. dear Leena,

    what a beautiful post!
    love the faces of mother earth
    and I agree with you about clay
    I love the yellow spots
    and the drawing
    it all fits together
    a round story in images

    thank you so much!

  3. Dear Leena,
    its a wonderful post. Very female... yes, the clay.

    And, excuse me, but I would like to sit on a meditation cushion that have these pattern of your woodcut.
    Very strongly.

    x Ariane.

  4. Leena, your images give us a good impression of how the earth looks like where you live at this moment, that yellow really pops out, i love how you used that in the woodcut, very beautiful.
    your clay ladies, very earthly, patient and present, x

  5. beautiful post - great work! I love all of your pictures!

  6. Leena, beautiful clay work and photos! I agree with Ariane about the woodcut on a pillow!
    It would look fabulous. Have a wonderful week.

  7. Leena

    A lovely collection of images that feel earthly. I really love your artwork your clay faces are like earth's face and your woodcut is really gorgeous and is right up my alley (we should do a swap sometime!).

    I think thats what I love about this challenge is its openness to interpretation. That it allows us to express the themes in any genre, style, and medium.

    Fab post Leena

    Helen :)

  8. Upeita kuvia ja teoksia! Puupiirros on jo tuollaisenaan puhutteleva :)

  9. well, talking 'bout clay.
    the other day i had to put long poles into the ground and used a mechanical tool to do so. besides the unnerving labour, as i scooped out earth, i felt the connection to it. earth is earth. it is such a statement.

    i am so crazy about your impression of the yellow lychen (?), the wood cut. it is a powerful vision.

  10. what a beautiful earthly post!
    your words and yes, feminine objects - the magical clay faces and wood cut (love!) - and the pics of the yellow spots are bright with joy.

    thank you!

  11. totta!
    maa on paljas ja tuoksuu.
    tuntuu vahvasti täällä luonasi.

  12. I think it's a beuatiful piece of work. I share your interest in earth and point of view.

  13. love your work, and i agree with your words.
    and these works are just great so no problem for me that you don't draw anything:-)

  14. love your female view, wonderful artwork! x julia

  15. wonderful! I love that print...and your more recent one as well. And I agree about clay being the most feminine of mediums...primal in a way :)

  16. your work is beautiful! the lichen in your garden a perfect color in my book.
    i also appreciate your understanding and love of working with clay. it has been a long time for me, but I completely get how you describe the nature of clay and the joy of working with it.

  17. Thank you dear friends for your sweet comments, they make me happy:)