tiistai 27. maaliskuuta 2012


Chaplin, Smile

" It is a drawing challenge 
but you can contribute with a photo or more or some words 
or anything for that matter...
we are very open to new ideas and accept people as they are.
You don`t have to be an artist or a photographer
just a bit creative. that would do." 
the theme i have the honour to invite you to, is:


What makes you smile and what does a smile mean to you? 
Can it make a day - or more?
Is there some piece of art that makes you smile? 
The pictures above are from Louvre ( my husband, daughter and I visited Paris in 2005)
with the most famous and mysterious smile in the history of art: Mona Lisa.
In fact there were also many other art works with a beautiful smile as you can see.
Oh, yes, and in the middle there is the smile of my dear daughter:)

You are warmly welcome to join, let me know that you are in as soon as possible
 and show your smile post in your blog
on Sat 31st March - Sun 1st April. 
Let´s smile:)

17 kommenttia:

  1. Dear Leena,
    I smile... a joyful smile!
    Please count me in :-)


  2. Dear Ariane, let`s smile:) of course you are in!

  3. Dear Leena, yes let's smile, i'm in, x

  4. leena.
    you should see me sitting here, in bed... well, maybe not, but i'm smiling!!! already!!!!
    LOVE to join this challenge. see you at the weekend.

  5. Didn't manage the garden yet, but I keep smiling! Count me in, please! :o)

  6. Dear ladies you give me good energy and I am happy yuo´Ll join..let´s keep smiling:)

  7. My nickname was "smiley" when I was I'm in!

  8. Hello Leena
    I used to draw in the challenge about a year ago and Im ready to rejoin. So Im in again hello to new and old friends

    Helen :)

  9. Dear Leene,

    I'm in with s smile...:-)

  10. How nice Helen,Hagar and Julia, welcome:D

  11. dear lena, thank you for the invitation! "smile" is a wonderful theme - but I'm so sorry, I cannot join: I have a muscle inflammation in my left arm, I cannot move it.
    I wish a wonderful drawing challenge! mano

  12. Hello Lena- thanks for the invite I'd love to :)