perjantai 23. maaliskuuta 2012

Garden Dreaming

My garden is still covered with snow..



..but in June-July it will look like this,
amazing isn`t it?


I am about to finish a big ( 180 x 116cm ) painting PEONY, MY LOVE. 
Cause it is not finished yet I´ll only show  some details of the painting. 
The Peony painting  will be on display in September in a forest/garden exhibit.

The theme of the week is GARDEN. 
Thank you Renilde from the wonderful blog Stroke of the brush
See there all the participants of this week´s drawing challenge.

7 kommenttia:

  1. yes Leena a total metamorphosis

    i wish i could see your painting in the real, must be very impressive at that scale and rich brush strokes, like a garden on itself, a garden to hang on the wall and wander through all winter, i like the idea of that

    thanks for participating x

  2. wonderful to show us an insight on your building up the peony tableau. i'm very much curious after the end result now... but peonies bloom in june only, and your exhibition runs in the autumn!... ;)))
    ah well, something to look forward to. be sure to keep us informed!

    the shadows on the snow carpet almost move about... we've hardly had snow this winter.

  3. Your garden looks beautiful winter and summer...

    Love your painting! I love your brush stoke and the colors choice.
    (very jealous on the scale of you work 180 (!)- waiting to see it finished!...xx

  4. here the snow is finaly (almost) gone... but it is a while before the garden blooms...
    your colours are fascinating : )

  5. that tiny bits you are showing us
    of the peony painting
    looks promising!!

    beautiful colors
    and I like your stroke of brush
    it is moving

  6. I love peonies and I love your impressive painting, really wonderful colours, beautiful details! I would like to see it in reality!
    I wish you springtime!

  7. When a garden is submerged in such heavy snow, it does seem a miracle when it comes back to life. The painting is amazing. I love the texture and color, there's a fantastic energy happening there.
    Peonies and tulips are among my favorite flowers.

    Have a great day!