perjantai 16. maaliskuuta 2012

Connection / Yhteys






Autumn Colors / Ruska


Weather - the endless issue of conversations and whining about.
Seasons in Finland:
short and bright and green summer,
autumn with orange, yellow and brown, fading towards the darkness of November
long, dark and cold winter with its icy blue, white and grey shades,
chilly, windy, lime green spring with amazing brightness..

I do love the variety of the seasons.
And they all have their own character and beauty. 
As a visual person, I see the seasons as colors, each in very different shades.

Right now I am finishing  four paintings which, I hope, will tell something about
how I see and sense the seasons of the year.
I am trying to make a serie of paintings and  that is why I also try to find the connection in between them
There should be some connection in colors, rhythm or composition in addition the obvious one of the theme itself. I am not quite there yet but I am working on it..

The pictures above are details of each painting, partly in process yet.
With these photos I find it easy and fun  to play with the lines and make rhytmn and connection with the images in that sense.

The theme of the drawing challenge this week is CONNECTION. 
Our host is dear Ariane, see the participants via her lovely blog Die Rose.

Ps. I´ll be visiting Stocholm and the dancing daughter  this weekend, so forgive me not to visit your blogs and comment until Monday, Have a nice weekend:)

Vuodenajat väreinä ja tunnelmina  kuulostaa maalausten aiheena paitsi kuluneelta niin myös helpolta. 
Yhteys teosten välillä, sarjallisuuden löytyminen on kuitenkin olllut tosi vaikeaa. 
Vaiheessa olevien maalausten yksityiskohdat löysivät valokuvissa hauskat linajat ja rytmin. 
Yhteys, connection, on tämän viikon teemana kuvahaasteessa.
Viikonloppuna suuntaan Tukholmaan tyttären luo, hauskaa viikonloppua kaikille!

11 kommenttia:

  1. no matter how the paintings are turning out to connect, you seem to have an incredible connection with nature round you... I admire that : )

  2. Tykkäsin eniten ylimmästä ja alimmasta...
    Kiva sarja..
    Ihanaa viikonloppua sulle!

  3. Spring is on its way Leena and you will soon be living in your Sprout painting!

  4. Dear Leena,
    wonderful paintings...
    In my opinion there is already connection in colors, rhythm and composition in addition to the obvious one of the theme itself! Maybe 'frost' is more abstract than the others. But that's because of frost, winter itself, right? And the stems/branch is the golden thread...

    Thank you!
    x Ariane.

  5. Dear Leena, i love to live in a place with four seasons too and as you say there is always that time when somehow you feel and sense the next season coming but not actually seeing it, that time of connection.
    I see the challenge of putting that into painting, beautiful pieces of your work here, everyone with its own mood, looking forward to see the whole works. x

  6. that first painting
    is my favorite
    maybe because it represents Spring

    nature that connects it all
    me too loving the four seasons
    like knowing that winter holds Spring inside
    in summer the smell of autumn coming
    a round circle
    a strong connection

  7. your paintings are fantastic - the colours are beautiful connections to the four seasons. I most love your spring picture, because I love this wonderful season.

  8. Beautiful! Love your paintings, especially the first one! Also love the different seasons and their connections. I mean, how lovely would the colours of spring be without a typical monochrome winter beforehand?

  9. love your beautiful drawing...especially the second from the top...
    Choosing four season is wonderful idea- nature as a connections between us all...

  10. i love seasons, it seems. such an underlying connexion to our everyday, really ...

  11. Thank you, dear ladies, for nice comments once again, I do appreciate them:) To keep connection with nature is important for me and one of the main themes in my art, have a nice week!