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Monogarms in everyday life in Finland 
has had someting to do with bride`s outfit or wedding presents. 
 In the first picture there is a silver spoon of my grandmother with her initials. 
The second picture is a linen cloth of my mother´s outfit as a bride. 
Well, there´s the end of that tradition, I did not have or make any of those anymore.
 about bride´s outfit  in my previous blog
In the third picture there is how I sign my works, usually on the edge or behind the paintings.

Monogram is the theme of this week`s drawing challenge, thank you Patrice for an intriguing  theme!
Patrice writes:  
"monograms have been used as signatures by artists(!) and craftsmen
on paintings, sculptures and pieces of furniture
the theme for the 50th drawing challenge on Saturday February 25:
will you join?

* a design composed of one or more letters
typically the initials of a name used as an identifying mark 
later a design or mark of two or more letters intertwined"


 Monograms, texts and artists´ signatures

About traditions, mothers and daughters and texts in art work tell on the other hand this work of mine.
It is a ball dress of my mother for a prom, her mother has made it with care.
The painted texts/words on a dress are from the diaries or letters of my mother, me and my daughter.
The faces of us three at the same age of 17-20 years old, them I sew on the dress.
The name of the work is Like a virgin, see all of it here


My dear art teacher, Assi Madekivi, uses latin texts in her works of clay, such as the AD above. 
In the next two pics there are the signatures of the other two artist ladies whose works I admire and am happy to have at home, see the works of the ladies:


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  1. dear Leena,

    what a great post!
    I like your story and am totally in love
    with that beautiful dress, so beautiful!!!!
    thank you for joining

    Patrice A.

  2. I agree with Patrice, beautiful work to look at here, and the dress, well superb! a wearable work of art,i love it, x

  3. Dear Leena - the dress is amazing, and what a lovely idea. You are all obviously a very talented little family.

  4. Dear Leena,
    such a wonderful post, really a rich post.
    Even I fall in love with that amazing dress! Such an energy... a special aura.

    Thank you for sharing, sister.

    x Ariane.

  5. beautiful post Leena. very informative. i like this tradition and the art you are showing us here. thank you

  6. Dear Patrice, Renilde, Rosemary, Ariane and Demie, thank you, ladies, for nice comments x. In my art I have every now and then been working on the theme of mothers and daughters.

  7. dear leena, the lovely ladies used already all the words:) i am totally impressed by that wonderful dress, what a great great idea! wow! xxx julia

  8. your impressively documented post makes me wonder about me not ever signing anything, not really. it makes me muse upon this, why is it that i don't sign? i think i may not find it important, if this makes sense? even while thinking upon it, i do not in the least feel like i would sign a work. isn't that too weird?

  9. Thank you Julia:)
    Nadine, from w o o l f, I feel that the signature is not a part of the work actually. That is why I usually sign on the edge or behind the works. Maybe that is why you do not sign at all. Often the signature is more important to the owners of the works than to the artist herself..

  10. your mothers- and daughters-dress is so beautiful and inspiring. I love the pictures and words on it so much - really great! x mano

  11. kiitos leena,
    sait paljon irti monogrammeista!
    ja mielenkiintoista keskusteluakin aiheesta :)

    täytyy mennä kurkkimaan, että mitäs monogrammeja täältä kodista oikein löytyykään :)
    mukavaa viikkoa sinulle!

  12. Thank you so much for this interesting amount of information about monograms. I'm absolutely amazed by the dress, it's awesome, especially with that background story! What a pity I don't have silver spoons with my initials, mine have plastic handels...says all! ;o)

  13. Wauw, what a great and special dress I love it!

  14. Tradition, i.d., the mark of one's existence on a towel, a spoon, a work of art. little clues that we have been here before. i like that.
    amazing stitches Leena! wow!

  15. Tania, honestly, I don`t know what to do with the silver spoons..they are pretty but not very useful. Well, they remind me of my roots and a special grand mother:)

  16. Normal Daily Chaos and Milady Productions, thank you for nice commets, ladies!