keskiviikko 8. helmikuuta 2012

Cresco & Umbra

Puupiirros-sekatekniikkatyöskentelyä viime viikonlopun työpajassa. Näyttely on tuota pikaa..
Working with woodcuts & mixed media for an exhibition soon...


5 kommenttia:

  1. Thanks Carole, kiitos Taina, täältä tulaan:)

  2. Sometimes, I just wish I was you, Leena. Bold, vibrant and skilled. Not only is your work beautiful, I believe I would have recognized it anywhere. It is truly your language. A language I pretend to understand at times :)

  3. Dear, sweet Lilli; you are a skilled, sensitive, kind and wise woman!

    Finnish is a very rich language, sometimes hard to translate. We do have meny synonyms, specially in nature relative words.

    I am ( at the age 50+) finally finding my way and the balance in between familylife and art, the two most important things in my life:) Have a nice Sunday, Lilli.