tiistai 27. joulukuuta 2011

Year 2011/ vuann 2011


The four seasons in Tampere-Rauma-Tampere
Suame sää o monelaine ja kummalline, kylm ja pimi.
Mut pohjone valo o hiano kans( sillo ko sitä o )
Ja vuadeaja, mää tykkä niist kaikist.

Florence--- Oahu, Hawaii ---Venice:
where ever I travel, there is water:)
Välimeri ja valtmeri - mää matkusta sin misä vet o. Ja ain ole asun vede äärell.

The other son got  got married and
the dancing daughter danced  in several occasions and celebrations this year. 

Toine pojist men  naimissi
ja tyttö tanssis monis juhlis ja muiss tapahtumiss kans

4 kommenttia:

  1. Any season looks like a good season through your lense, Leena. I like to think about how that lense is merely a part of the eye, and so we all capture things slightly different.
    Congratulations on having such grown up children involved in love and art. What could be better?

    (I left the blog where I wrote about my mother from time to time, behind. Just could not continue. This is my new place).

    Kindest greetings,

  2. Lilli, I am so happy about your new blog:) you write so gently and with such talent and emotion! Have a wonderful new year!

  3. Hanne, kiitos ja hyvää uutta vuotta sinulle!