perjantai 8. lokakuuta 2010


Kauniissa ( vrt edellinen postaukseni ) on mukana jotain haikeaa ja surumielistä, kun taas ilo on hauskaa ja hyväntuulista. Leikki on hauskaa ja aurinkoiset, huolettomat kesäpäivät ovat myös.

Entä voiko taide olla hauskaa?

Don`t worry, be happy!
Hauskaa viikonloppua!

hyväntuulista taidetta / cheerful art ( Hanna Jaanisoo: Healthy dogs snout)

.. ja musiikkia / .. and music

I wrote recently in my blog about beauty and there seems to be some melancholy in it, too.
But what is happy, cheerful and filled with joy?
I think sunny summer days and playing are cheerful and fun.

Can art be funny?

Don´t worry, be happy!
Have fun!

3 kommenttia:

  1. Yes, we should absolutely worry less. Or at least save it until there are real reasons. Art can be fun, lot's of fun - when my son was little, we were frequent guests at the Museum of Modern Art in Oslo, he loved it - we both did. Unfortunately it's harder for me to reach the museum now, so we try to do other fun-related art-things together! Wishing you a happy Sunday!

  2. Famu; sun blogista tulee myös hyvälle tuulelle!
    Lilli; thans for visiting:) and yes, art with children is fun. Sometimes art is healing and comforting, too.